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Name:Waffles' Musebox
Website:unlikeheroes (livejournal)
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:musebox
And one day they will realize that black and white do not make up the world that we live in, but things come in many shades of gray.
quick info
This is a musebox owned by Waffles, also known as [personal profile] enkindle for her and invited guests to have their fun in. It is locked to be Members Only and will remain that way.
This musebox also contains a list of most to all of Waffles Muses as well as an HMD, which both can be found Here and here, respectively. Comments and Critique are always welcomed.
I'm no hero // I won't get the glory // I'm the one who's left behind// I'm no hero // no place in your story// I'm the man who's left behind //I must have been blind // Must have been.
Ladies and gentlemen listen up please // I don't want to be your hero // Do yourself a favor save yourself // Don't pick me find someone else
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